Debra Torris ::  Biography

  I can see my Grandmother sitting peacefully while hand stitching her next work of art. The entire perimeter of the room was taken up with a wood frame resting on stilts. With patience and care, each tiny piece of fabric was placed. The magic of those beautiful quilts and the delight in knowing that many of those fabrics would become a new dress for my favorite doll and maybe even a matching dress for me continue to inspire me in my work today.

My Mother followed in my Grandmother's artistic footsteps. She was a dressmaker and a business woman long before her time. I spent most of my childhood tagging along beside her as she searched for the perfect find. With my dolls in tow and my siblings in school, my Mother and I were off on a mission – fabrics, trims, buttons and beads were on the list. They had to be different and they had to be the best, a perfect combination was all she would settle for. I loved being surrounded by all the beautiful colors, shapes and textures. Even before entering grade school , I fell in love with this colorful world. I was on my way to acquiring the knowledge I needed to do the work I am fortunate to be doing today.

With my Mother's convincing, I believed I was her “right-hand girl.” I watched her make original patterns from which she created beautiful fashions for her “high society jet- setter” clients. My Mother “Rita”, my best friend and my teacher taught me a great lesson, “the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.” At an early age, she inspired me to have the vision and to develop my own sense of style.

So . . . here I am today passionate about what I do for work and continuing to search for the “perfect find” for each of my clients. In addition to a formal education in Design, I am an allied member of ASID, "American Society of Interior Designers". I have spent a great deal of time traveling throughout France and Italy; searching, pondering and acquiring those special “finds” that my clients will cherish. I’m almost always on a mission. I listen closely and I delight in bringing my clients all and everything they had hoped for.

Since 1986 I have been commissioned by clients in New England (including the Greater Boston area) and Florida. Traveling throughout the United States is not an uncommon request by a trusted client.

" isn't something that just happens, it comes from within, as an emanation from your own being. Life is the canvas and style is what brings it alive”.

"  should be comfortable, functional and inviting . I strive to make every room have a purpose. A room should reach out and invite you in”.

"  is to design an atmosphere that reflects the personality, interests and passions of each client, make it their own and where necessary, add the pizzazz.”

  "casual sophistication, classic with an edge of modernism and a home that tells a story”

  “Comfy and casual with lots of color”

  "It’s always changing, there are so many to choose from.”


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